Nostalgia Chick: Babysitters Club

Posted on May 12, 2009 By

Lindsay is back, and brings with her a movie.. well I guess it's a movie. Watch her review the Babysitters Club.


  • No-Personality

    So, I actually loved Spice World and Xanadu after watching them (after nearly swearing off both because of these very funny reviews)… oh, and, Showgirls. (Forgot about that one. Man, that movie flat out changes your entire life after you see it.) At least once a week now, I say “this” is the “Showgirls” of “that thing.”

    But, oh God, was a certain critic of nostalgia right on the money about this thing. I thought the evil kids thing was just a joke. They threw a stink bomb in Ellen Burstyn’s garden… for no reason whatsoever. She was being a great sport dealing with their crap and they just kept throwing things into her yard. That stink bomb was cased in this hard, heavy, FabergĂ© egg-looking shell. And I can’t believe (critic in question) didn’t mention the bathroom scene. Or… that… thing that happened when the kid in suspenders was trying to “impress” Larisa Oleynik and flapped his arms like a bird. If that clip were on YouTube… If only it were…