Lindsay Ellis is a writer, filmmaker, philistine, and pop culture critic most widely known for the Nostalgia Chick webseries, started on, originally a distaff counterpart to the much more popular Nostalgia Critic. But where most nostalgia-based shows look back wistfully at a treasured time, Lindsay tends to come at it from a rose-tinted-glasses-free perspective, examining the sociopolitical and cultural context of the likes of Reality Bites, Transformers, Labyrinth and anything produced by Disney. In doing so, she has brought frowns to the faces of many. She is also a blogger for the site and (technically) an award winning filmmaker. Technically. She also has a dog.


Elisa Hansen hosts Vampire Reviews as mistress of the macabre and lonely goth shut in, the Maven of the Eventide. The Maven’s examines and explores of the influence and evolution of vampires in media and pop culture. Although the show primarily consists of film criticism, anything with vampires is fair game to be subjected to review and over-analytical scrutiny under the Maven’s finefanged comb.

One of the original members of Team NChick, Elisa also assists with scriptwriting and camerapointing and various other highly important aspects of super serious internet video making. She occasionally appears in the episodes as a foil to Lindsay and Nella’s characters, because sometimes one sidekick buttmonkey just isn’t enough. She also portrays the desirability-obsessed Makeover Fairy and the unethical Babe Scientist, Dr. Tease.


Antonella “Nella” Inserra is a native of Long Island. Upon finding herself unemployed after her hopes and dreams of a career in Archaeology died along with the economy, she turned her pursuits to Office Managing, Writing, Sidekicking, Moonlighting in Vaguely Shady and Morally Ambitious Ventures (or as we like to call it, ‘Acting’), and Serious Geekery.

She acts in The Nostalgia Chick series, blogs for Chez Apocalypse, and performs in Ashley Boehm’s Nerd Cabaret every first Sunday of the month at The Way Station, nerd bar mecca extraordinaire. She currently resides in the metro New York area.  She is more than happy to make a fool out of herself in a medium that will probably haunt her for the rest of her life. She’s also getting weird-ed out by all of this referring to herself in the 3rd person.


Kyle Kallgren spends far too much time seeking out the oddest corners of the world of film festivals, trust fund projects and auteur mayhem that we call “The Arthouse.” His primary series Brows Held High is an overview of arthouse films ranging from the weird (Naked Lunch) to the wild (The Doom Generation) the new (Melancholia) the old (Hexan) the infamous (A Serbian Film) and the just plain silly (Zardoz). Sometimes he sits in revered awe. Sometimes he bursts out into song. Other times, he threatens the director with genocide. He currently lives in Washington D.C. where he is finishing a master’s degree in film and video. He has no dogs.


Dan Olson aka The Foldable Human is the Canadian native behind Folding Ideas where he tackles media with a blend of heady theory and bare-bones pragmatism. Originally a Communications Studies major, in 2007 Dan jumped ship from University to Trade School, from talking about films to making films. This armed him with a vast array of technical skills which he then used to make a show talking about films and Communications. His specialty is lighting, and if you’re interested he can tell you more about the lighbulb than you thought there was to know. Aside from making videos for the Internet, Dan works as a Technician and teaches evening courses when he has the chance. He also used to be fluent in German and still capitalizes a lot of nouns that aren’t capitalized in English.

Folding Ideas is a show dissecting media from the roots up. While individual episodes typically revolve around a Movie, Music Video, Video Game, or TV Show, the core is the themes, memes, mechanics, trends, and techniques at work beneath the surface. It’s also stars a puppet.

It’s not education, it’s a puppet!


Paw Dugan is what happens when you give a music nerd access to an audience and film equipment. Paw began his reviewing career doing a 6 episode retrospective on personal music evolution before deciding that music in multimedia needed more time rolling around on its back in the sunshine. Must like a particularly musically-inclined dog. The result of this is Music Movies which goes more in depth into musical films both classic and modern and dissects them like that frog you had to dissect in high school. Don’t pretend you don’t remember, you smelled like formaldehyde for a week and that one guy put a frog liver in down your shirt.

The Siskel & Ebert to Gilbert & Sullivan.



Rantasmo is a pop culture analyst and Important Homosexual who hosts Needs More Gay, a light examination of all things LGBT. Needs More Gay offers insight into gay culture condensed into chewy bite-size pieces and dipped in a chocolaty coating of dry wit. Expect an exploration of such topics as queer film and TV, coded characters, the world of gay geekery and the delights of campy, danceable music. Not gay? No worries! NMG is both enlightening and entertaining for all, regardless of your sexuality. Rantasmo, however, is both here and queer, so you should probably go ahead and get used to it.




Todd (in the Shadows) is apparently too good for a bio. Look at that shady mug; he had a deadline and he refused to meet it. You want to know who’s the Lord of the Planet Poop Chute? This guy.


Oh and I guess he reviews pop music or something.

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  • Hello, how can i get in contact with Ms. Ellis, I’m a NY filmmaker doing a Documentary on Kevin MacLeod whose music she and many others have used. One example of Ms. Ellis using the music is linked below, and I’m interested in interviewing her for the documentary. Kevin is one composer who has released thousands of his songs for free, which have been used by millions of people, and been seen billions of times. Other top youtuber use Kevin’s music as well, there’s a spreadsheet linked below which examples as well.

    You can email me at:

    Thank you.

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