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Lindsay Ellis made this site, yo. She also has a dog.






Elisa Hansen hosts Vampire Reviews as mistress of the macabre and lonely goth shut-in, the Maven of the Eventide. She examines the influence and evolution of vampires in media and pop culture for better and much, much worse. Although the show primarily consists of film criticism, anything with vampires is fair game to be subjected to over-analytical scrutiny and literary analysis under the Maven’s finefanged comb.


Dan Olson aka The Foldable Human is the Canadian filmmaker behind Folding Ideas, an intersectional look at narrative theory. From movies to pop songs, propaganda to video games, stories and the craft of storytelling infuse our daily lives. Folding Ideas is a show dissecting media from the roots up.



Kyle Kallgren is a chronic overthinker who spends far too much time seeking out the oddest corners of the world of film, television, the internet, the world of art in general. His primary series Brows Held High is an overview of intelligent if bizarre films ranging from the wild to the weird to the wicked to the wondrous. A lover of art theory, he aims to find the strangest perceptions of the world and share them. He currently lives in Queens, New York City with his girlfriend, roommate, and dog. He has no cats.


Rantasmo is a queer theory enthusiast and Important Homosexual. He hosts Needs More Gay, which looks at film, television, video games and other media through an LGBT+ lens—from queer representation in Steven Universe and BioWare RPGs to the glorious campiness of Hocus Pocus and Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion.



Todd (in the Shadows) Who is this mysterious shadow man who refuses to show his face? And why does he only talk about pop music? What does this gimmick have to do with his choice of topic? No one knows. But Todd is here to dissect the latest hit songs, as well as the flops and one hit wonders of the musical past, all while sitting at his piano and not looking at the camera.


ContraPoints exists







Mikey Neumann hosts Movies with Mikey, a relentlessly positive take on the film genre. From Sunshine to Interstellar, Mikey wants you to know it’s okay to love movies again, even if the internet tells you that it isn’t. You’ll laugh and then you’ll cry, possibly at the same time. Did we mention MwM is kind of an experience unto itself? Caution: you may feel things.



H. Bomberguy talks about stuff







 Ian Danskin host the essay series, Innuendo Studios wherein he talks about video games, uses video games to talk about things that are not video games, and sometimes just talks about things that are not video games. Ian enjoys walks on the beach and overthinking his bio.


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    What’s the deal with your player or my browser? Can’t fast forward through to the point where my cat re-started the whole bit.

    Using Chrome + Win7

    • Tyler Kemp

      You should thank your cat, and give him/ her some noms! Good Kitty!!! Now please go cuddle that li’l fuzz ball, and let it give you tuna flavored keeshes!

  • Tyler Kemp

    Is Nostalgia Chick supposed to be a passive aggressive, monotone, glib, snarky, smug hipster fuck? Could she be any more one dimensional? Did Sarah Lawrence decline her from attending that school, thus she was unable to have her college lesbian experience before she attempted to kill herself in a Silvia Plath-esque way? I guess rampant huffing, of her douchebaggy hipster take on all things pop culture, has left her in the state that we privileged few see her in, on all her vlogs.

  • Hello, how can i get in contact with Ms. Ellis, I’m a NY filmmaker doing a Documentary on Kevin MacLeod whose music she and many others have used. One example of Ms. Ellis using the music is linked below, and I’m interested in interviewing her for the documentary. Kevin is one composer who has released thousands of his songs for free, which have been used by millions of people, and been seen billions of times. Other top youtuber use Kevin’s music as well, there’s a spreadsheet linked below which examples as well.

    You can email me at: Ryan@RoyaltyFreeDoc.com

    Thank you.




  • Vie Du Yu Kare

    So after watching your reviews for so long on TGWTG.com, I decided to poke around the website and found this treasure. Am i the only one who noticed the typo in Paw’s Bio? “Must like a…” Shouldn’t that say, “Much like a…”?

    P.S. – if you ever need a proof-read editor, I can give you my number. 😉

  • David R. Bragdon

    Are there any plans for Chez Apocalypse mercy in the future? T-shirts? Posters of the title card illustrations? Serra Ellinson plush toys?

  • Bethany Pontsler

    1) Ursa isn’t listed here, and that makes me sad. 2) Where the heck did Todd go? Is this a Blip problem or a Chez Apocalypse one? 3) Is the site getting remodeled or something? Half of the links don’t seem to work anymore…

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    For some reason, I can see the Isle Of Rangoon on here.

    EDIT: There’s no error, I could just see them being a part of Chez Apocalypse in the future. My apologies for being annoying.